• Levné knihy, reklamní spot / Levné knihy, commercial

  • Reklamní spot KBC banka, Milan Chadima / commercial

  • Reklamní spot Actreen Mini / commercial

  • Reklamní spot Alma Costc Consulting / commercial

  • B. Braun reklamní spot / commercial

  • Reklamní spot, 3D animace, Přemysl Klimsza / American Security commercial

  • Reklama elegal, Petr Kozlík / commercial

  • Natáčení, promo spot MPO Seed fond / commercial

  • Reklama Lee, Petr Kozlík / commercial

  • Reklama, Petr Kozlík / commercial

  • Czech FILM, známe české lokace

  • Reklamní spoty, David Sís / commercial

  • Reklamní spoty, David Sís / commercial

  • Reklamní spoty, David Sís / commercial

  • Reklamní spoty, David Sís / commercial

  • Reklamní spoty, lokace, David Sís / commercial

  • Reklamní spoty, David Sís

  • T.M.A. film / T.M.A. movie

  • Odborný dohled nad východem slunce - film / Sunrise Supervising - movie

  • Natáčení Kovář v podlesí, Pavel Göbl, film / movie

  • Nátáčení filmu Habermannův Mlýn / Habermann's Mill film shooting

  • PRE, natáčecí den / PRE, shooting day

  • PRE, natáčecí den / PRE, shooting day

  • Natáčení poradců Pražské energetiky / PRE, shooting day

  • Gorila - film / Gorila - movie

Film production

We offer services for film and documentary production, television and radio projects including related activities. Our service is flexible and aims to ensure high technical and aesthetic quality of the audiovisual work. We provide comprehensive production service for the creation of any movies, scenarios development, film distribution and sale. Continue reading


We will design an exciting script and create commercials for television advertising, sponsorship spots, cinemas or selling spots. We will prepare 2D/3D computer animation. We will dub the spots, record professional voices of dubbers and supply a musical background. We will hang it on the internet, YouTube or Facebook.
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Audiovisual production

Our multimedia service includes a wide offer of audiovisual works from photos, animations or vectors and 3D objects to musical jingles, noises or voices of professional dubbers. We are able to provide post-production including elected forms of interaction. We will transmit final products to CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, electronic mail or by exposure on the internet. Continue reading

Arnošt Lustig The Unloved

The film based on the book and screenplay of Arnošt Lustig awarded as Best Jewish Book for Fiction in 1986. Story of a young Jewish girl who survives in the Terezin ghetto thanks to her body. Lustig said in an interview that he had begun to write the book in the time, when his daughter had been growing up.
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Our Work

Please visit presentation Reklamni spot.cz and see examples of our work team, including multimedia productions. Do not miss our reference to Vimeo channel.

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