Tomáš Bělohradský has won the German Academy TV award DAFF

Tomáš Bělohradský has won the German Academy TV award DAFF

Tomáš Bělohradský has won the German Academy award for the best TV production sound design (2017) at the end of October in Cologne, Germany, for his work on the three-part television miniseries called The Same Sky.

“I take this award as a complex appreciation of the whole Czech-German staff, which has been involved in the realization of these miniseries. They provided a work of a very high quality. Personally, I am, of course, very pleased by the fact that the German TV Academy has noticed our work.”

The three-part miniseries The Same Sky (original title “Der gleiche Himmel”) originated in Prague’s exteriors and film studios as a major international production. Film is directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel – the author of film The Fall of the Third Reich, nominated in 2004
Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. The story takes place during the times of Cold War. It describes the fate of two families on both sides of the Berlin Wall. Series were broadcasted in Czech Television under the Czech title “Under One Sky” in recent weeks. Czech Television has became one of the co-producers of this project.

Tomáš Bělohradský is one of Czech FILM producers. He has a big experience in sounding in the past. For example, he worked on such Hollywood films as Serena, Hostel, or Unlocked starring Michael Douglas and Noomi Rapace. Also he did sounding for films Hart’s War or Bourn Identity. In Czech Republic, his name is known for films Bathory, Krásno, Řachanda or Habermann’s Mill, for which he was nominated for the Czech Lion. Today,he is preparing the second season of the very popular series, taking place during the World War II in a hospital. Those series titled Charité 2 are prepared by the same award-winning team of German series The Same Sky.