About us

Czech FILM is represented by the producers Tomáš Bělohradský and Přemysl Klimsza.  We provide the comprehensive film pre-production, production and post-production. We focus mainly on Czech Republic. Our team of prominent Czech scriptwriters, directors, cinematographers and celebrity actors have many years of professional experience and can rely on references from major clients. We are filmmakers who work every year on several foreign and Czech projects. We are also engaged in the production of TV advertising.

In recent years, we have completed the development of several films by screenwriter Pavel Göbl – Gorilla, Sunrise Supervising, Supervision the meaning of dream and Silent Companion. We are currently working on the development of projects Singing amidst September (Karel Rada), Mom, tell me a fairy-tale (Vladislav Kučík) and the Unloved (Arnošt Lustig).

For your project, we will provide a team of Czech scriptwriters, directors, cinematographers and celebrity actors. We will arrange beautiful Czech locations for your project. We are the members of the CZECH MULTIMEDIA group.