Silent Companion (Pavel Göbl)

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“Silent companion” is a folk style absurd tragicomedy, dealing with one of the most serious issues in modern Western civilization – the loss of spiritual identity, its diminishing by empty entertainment… At the same time, the film emphasizes the beauty of the Moravian dialect and the richness of marvelous Czech landscapes…

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About film:

Feature-length, fiction film, color film
Target audience: adults
Length: approx. 90 min.
Production stage: distribution.

Content & topic of film:

There is a problem in a mountain village... The cemetery is almost full and there is no free land around it to bury people. Most of the people in the village are Catholics, so there is no possibility to save the land space by using urns. The local forester, woodcutter, and gravedigger Miroslav Malin (also Mira) comes up with the solution of a problem - a classic coffin can be sent to the grave even in a standing position! As long as the grave is as big as the urn, the problem is successfully solved..

There are several other characters and storylines connected and associated with the character of Mira. Lonely Lenka, who longs for a baby but is afraid to have serious relationship with a man. Her father, who flooded her native village. A boy Fanda, who likes to draw, but he can do it only according to the printed artwork...When it comes to drawing of real world, he can't draw even a straight line ...All these heroes will be helped to achieve their goals by their quiet companion...


Ondřej Malý
Klára Issová
Bolek Polívka
Pavel Řezníček
Hana Vágnerová
Marian Čubík
Petra Vašíčková

Team of creators:

Pavel Göbl/ director
Jan Gogola st./ script editor
Jan Horáček/ camera
Roman Švejda/ architect
Ladislava Koukalová/ costumes
Tomáš Bělohradský/ sound
Producer Czech FILM: Přemysl Klimsza, Tomáš Bělohradský
Co-producer: Česká televize, Bontonfim Studios, love.FRAME, Wet Cat Pictures, EUROPEANA
Executive Production: FRAME100R
Distributor: Bontonfilm