Singing amidst September (Karel Rada)

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A feature-length bitter comedy about some “lost” generation of poets and writers, which had once built up the cultural foundations and values of modern society. Time changes and so does the poetry. “Singing amidst September” is a story about today’s perception of poetry, creative impotence, and an effort to compensate the lack of inspiration through intergenerational love triangles. If you adore contrasts and rich autumn colors, this film offers them in full spectrum … Youth and age, talent and mediocrity, hippie and punk, laughter and cry…

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About film:

Feature-length, fiction film, color film
Target audience: adults
Length: approx. 80 min.
Production stage: development

Content & topic of the film:

The main topic of the film is a contemporary perception of poetry by Czech society. This theme is represented by the personal crisis of poets as representatives of the older generation. Their inspiration started to be missing, because writing of poems began to lose the significance.

This film metaphorically touches the point of creative impotence. Understanding this merciless reality, a main hero Mejla hides behind the curtain of personal love affairs, interlaces and love triangles. The youngest generation is represented by 19-years-old Zofie, a FAMU student, who joins the world of this community. Zofie is filming her documentary project through which she can take a look at poets and poetry from a new, generationally unbiased side.

Singing amidst September motivates its viewer to overthinking whether poetry still has a place in the life of Czech society, whether it is relevant and beneficial. Another important issue is the difference in the perception of poetry by older and younger generations.
It is a bitter comedy that follows the tradition of Czech lyrical films like Šrámek's adaptations of Václav Krška. Nevertheless, the film has post-modern style and it can entertain the fans of "The Ride" by Jan Svěrák (1994), "Indian Summer" by Saša Gedeon (1995) or Bohdan Sláma's "Wild Bees" (2001) ...


Žofie - Tereza Těžká
Mejla - Lukáš Vaculík
Hedvika - Šárka Ullrichová
Sváťa - David Novotný
Robert - Vladimír Javorský
Blecha - Martin Myšička
Boban - René Šmotek
Kačenka - Monika Foris Kvasničková
Johana - Lenka Krčková Šestáková
Viktorie - Milena Dolečková
Adam - Jan Hůzl
Dáša - Stanislava Jachnická
Kristýna - Kristýna Hulcová
Frontman of popular band - Petr Fiala

Team of creators:

Karel Rada /director
Klaus Fuxjäger /camera
Jaroslav Vanča/script editor
Blanka Kulová /movie editor
Czech FILM: Přemysl Klimsza, Tomáš Bělohradský, Anastázie Liubašenko /executive production


September 2019