Sunrise Supervising (Pavel Göbl)

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Due to its constant tension and intellectual humor, this black & white eastern has won the Special Prize of the Saxon Film Association at the 12th annual Nisa Festival. “Sunrise Supervising” director Pavel Göbl was also awarded by prestigious Trilobit Beroun 2014 Film Prize for his extraordinary artwork.

The plot of the film follows the tradition of the best classic westerns…

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About film:

Feature film, fiction film, black&white film
Target audience: adults
Length: 64 min.
Production stage: distribution

Content & topic of film:

The unpunished injustice brings three former prisoners into the small town. Once, they were bothered by some StB agent. And now, this same man owns the only pub in this town.
Three men decide to take the justice into their own hands, but they find out that they have no talent for that…
They meet femme fatale on their way and give her their sympathy and place for living. In return she shows them the difference between revenge and punishment.
All of them live through eastern...

Cast / starring:

Jiří Lábus - Barman
Vratislav Brabenec - Musician
Jiří Vymětal - Circus performer
Jožo Polievka - Thief
Nikol Fischerová - Girl

Team of creators:

Pavel Göbl / director, author of the script
Jiří Zykmund/ camera
Jan Gogola/ script editor
Ilona Malá a Tomáš Doruška/ movie editors
Tomáš Bělohradský/ sound
Jan Barta, Michael Šatník/ producers
Byl Pes/ soundtrack
Czech FILM: Přemysl Klimsza, Tomáš Bělohradský/ executive production