Mom, tell me a fairy-tale (Vladislav Kučík)

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Animated Christmas fairy-tale with feature elements for kids and their parents! A magical story after Vladislav Kučík’s literary artwork.

Little Eve is being a disobedient child, her parents do not know what to do with her anymore. The only thing that can calm her down, is an Advent season. She can not wait for gifts and Christmas celebration! So, mother promises to her daughter: if she will treat herself well, mommy is going to tell a new fairy tale to little Eve every day until the Christmas Eve…

“Mom, tell me a fairy-tale” could have a chance to continue the tradition of so-called Czech Golden Animation era and such films as “The Revolt of Toys” by Hermína Týrlová,”The Hand” by Jíří Trnka, or more modern one “In the Attic, or Who has a Birthday Today”…

We are currently looking for film creators and directors of animation sequences. We are opened to cooperation. If you are interested, please email us at

About film:

Feature-length, animated, combined with feature sequences, color film
Target audience: children (5-12 y.o.) and their parents
Length: approx. 90 min.
Production stage: development

Content & topic of film:

Through the feature fictional story of one family and their disobedient daughter (a second grade pupil Eve) a viewer gets to every new animated fairy-tale. Single animated stories will break the flow of her real life in a pre-Christmas time.
The animated fairy-tales themselves will be rendered attractive and appealing. For each of the selected fairy tales we choose different directors, and another animated technique, which will be assigned to the animation. For example, puppet animation, flat animation, or paper stop motion animation...

Cast / starring:

Linda Rybová- mother
Slovakian actor (casting)- father
8 y.o. girl (casting) - daughter Eve
Miroslav Táborský - doctor
Igor Orozovič - school teacher

Team of creators:

Vladislav Kučík /author of the story, director of feature sequences
Jaroslav Kotouč / script editor
Míla Prokůpková/ illustrator artist
Czech FILM: Přemysl Klimsza, Tomáš Bělohradský, Anastázie Liubašenko /executive production


Advent 2023